Your Voice is Needed on the Arizona Budget

The importance of Arizona’s budget process cannot be overstated. Nothing happens in this or any other state without being funded via the budget. 

This 2-minute video from House Rep Ken Clark (D-24) is a simple introduction to how Arizona’s budget process works.

And yet, look at this flow chart: there’s no getting around that fog of secrecy clogging up the middle.


We must remind our legislators that their work needs to reflect the public’s values. The Arizona Democratic Party has been holding town halls across the state. Please plan to attend and express your opinions on how YOUR tax dollars should be spent. So far, it seems only one party is listening: there’s no word of similar meetings on the other side of the aisle.

When the budget is made public, it will be time to contact your representatives and the Governor's office: 

  • Representative Kelli Butler: (602) 926-5156 or Email
  • Representative Maria Syms: (602) 926-4860 or Email
  • Senator Kate Brophy McGee: (602) 926-4486 or Email
  • Governor Doug Ducey: (602) 542-4331 or Email

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