Letter to the Editor

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To the Editor:

Your endorsement of Kimberly Yee in the Republican primary for State Treasurer (8/7/18) reminded me of the old line "Where's the beef?" It was 50% ragging on her opponent, Jo Ann Sabbagh's "sharp elbow" style and alternately promoting and downplaying Yee's "rising star" image, with a dollop of identity politics. 

The only issue mentioned with respect to her was one of the rare times she sided with Democrats to block Republicans from favoring payday lenders.  I guess the rest of her voting record  needed to be buried.

Whoever comes out of the GOP primary will face Mark Manoil,  a qualified  opponent who will not have to hide his views.  Opposing payday lenders and other popular positions are just everyday commonsense in the Democratic Party, not some out of character heroic independence.  The choice will be easy in November.


Andrew March