Take Action: Week of March 19, 2017

Stay informed on what's happening at the local, state, and federal level and take action on these important matters. 


Call Kate Brophy McGee at (602) 926-4486 and tell her to vote NO on HCR2013.  If passed, it adds Arizona to the group of 29 states calling for a Constitutional Convention.  Its purpose?   Adding an amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced budget -- but any such convention could become a dangerous free-for-all effort to make changes to the U.S. Constitution.

HCR2013 is scheduled for 3rd read in the Senate today!   

Attend the press conference scheduled at 12:30 pm today, Thursday, March 16, in the Capitol Rose Garden, near the House of Representatives building.  Then come to the Senate Gallery with people opposing the “ConCon” to witness the vote by Arizona’s senators on HCR2013.  There will be “Defend Our Constitution” stickers to wear, according to our friends at the League of Women Voters.

Senator Brophy McGee voted YES on a similar resolution, HCR2010, on 3rd read.  It passed 16-14 after Republican Senators Farnsworth and Yee switched their votes from NO to YES.  Senator Judith Burges, who represents LD22 in Surprise and Sun City West, was the lone Republican voting NO.

•  SB1367, the “Live Birth” anti-abortion bill pushed by Cathi Herrod’s Center for Arizona Policy, passed the House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee on a party line 6-3 vote last evening with Rep. Maria Syms voting YES.  

FYI: Senator Brophy McGee supported SB1367 in the Senate.  Call Rep. Maria Syms, at (602) 926-4860 and urge her to vote NO on SB1367 when it reaches the House floor.  

•  SB1431, phasing in universal ESAs – or vouchers – over four years, is still rumored to have the Republican votes needed to pass in the Senate.  Sen. Kate Brophy McGee is opposed and voted against SB1431 in the Senate Education Committee but claimed during her campaign against Dr. Eric Meyer that as a Republican, she could “get things done.”  So, call her at (602) 926-4486 and tell her you expect her to ensure the defeat of ANY voucher expansion bills.  

And, a bad water bill will be heard today:

•  SB1412 passed the Senate and will be heard in the Land, Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee today, Thursday, March 16.  Use RTS to oppose SB1412, which affects water rights and is opposed by 21 tribal nations.     

Your voice matters at our state capitol!  If a bill is on a committee agenda, use Request to Speak to register your support or opposition: https://apps.azleg.gov/RequestToSpeak/UpcomingAgendas

Check out our guide to Request to Speak.

If a bill is on a floor agenda in the House or Senate for discussion in COW (Committee of the Whole), or 3rd read (roll-call vote), call your representatives or senator to voice your opinion: http://www.azleg.gov/MemberRoster/