Take Action: Week of February 27, 2017

“Have some courage” is former Rep. Gabby Giffords’ message “to the politicians who have abandoned their civic obligations” by refusing to hold town hall meetings. She reminded them that she was shot on a Saturday morning but by Monday morning, her offices were open to the public. 


Yes, Senators McCain and Flake, have some courage. Demand that Attorney General Sessions call for an independent investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Putin and to Russia. Then meet with us to hear our concerns about the ongoing outrageous attacks on our democracy by the new administration.

Suggested actions:

1. Join us for #McCainMonday today at 12 noon on the SE corner of 22nd St. and Camelback (and #FlakeFriday on the NE corner on Friday!) Bring flags, signs and letters to leave at their offices.

2. And call! (Keep trying -- mailboxes were full again this weekend.) Identify yourself as a constituent and ask YOUR senators to set up a Town Hall meeting in Phoenix. Or call about any other, single issue.

Sen. John McCain: (202) 224-2235 or (602) 952-2410
Sen. Jeff Flake: (202) 224-4521 or (602) 840-1891

3. Your voice matters at our state capitol! If a bill is on a committee agenda, use Request to Speak to register your support or opposition: https://apps.azleg.gov/RequestToSpeak/UpcomingAgendas
Click here for our Request to Speak guide.

If a bill is on a floor agenda in the House or Senate for discussion in COW (Committee of the Whole), or 3rd read (roll-call vote), call your representatives or senator to voice your opinion: http://www.azleg.gov/MemberRoster/

TERRIBLE bills passed the House on party-line votes late Thursday night that would undermine the voter referendum and initiative process. They were transmitted to the Senate on Friday. Use RTS to oppose when they are appear on Senate committee agendas. (check http://www.azleg.gov)

  • HB2320, requiring ballot disclaimer to discourage passage of ballot proposal
  • HB2404, adding onerous requirements to the initiative process
  • HCR2002, repeals Voter Protection Act for initiatives passed by citizens. 
  • HCR2007, repeals Voter Protection Act, but only for citizen initiatives, not initiatives referred to the ballot by the Legislature. 
  • Use RTS to oppose HCR2029. It requires a percentage of petition signatures to be gathered from each legislative district. It has passed Appropriations and will be heard in the House Rules Committee today, Feb. 27, at 1 pm. Call Rep. Maria Syms at (602) 926-4860 and ask her to oppose HCR2029 if it comes up for a floor vote. 
  • SB1142 would expand Arizona’s racketeering laws to include anyone involved in a protest that results in property damage. Yikes! It passed the Senate on a 17-13 party-line vote and moves to the House. Call Speaker J.D. Mesnard at (602) 926-4481 and ask him NOT to assign SB1142 to a committee. Follow its progress at http://www.azleg.gov
  • HB2226 is another bill calling for an Article V convention. It would force the government to run a balanced budget. After passing the House, it was transmitted to the Senate and will be heard in the Government Committee on Wednesday. Use RTS to oppose! 
  • HB2086 would prohibit the municipal ID programs. After passing the House on a party-line vote, 34-25-1, it will be heard in the Senate Government Committee at 2 pm on Wednesday. Use RTS to oppose. 

Use RTS to oppose three gun bills, all listed for Senate Government Committee this Wednesday, March 1 at 2 pm. 

  • HB2287 would gut Shannon’s Law. It was amended but still unnecessary. 
  • HB2022 allows rat or snake shot within city limits. 
  • HB2016 prohibits electronic firearm tracking technology. 

And from our friends at the Sierra Club:

  • HB2369, repealing a number of commissions, committees and boards, including the Arizona State Parks Board, passed on 3rd read in the House on a party-line 34-24-2 vote. It has not yet been scheduled in a Senate Committee.