Robb Response

Robb’s column “Socialism a political fashion statement” is a labored effort to lecture readership on economic/political theory, giving us a 1950’s vision of 1930’s socialism. The reality is, the Right has a pejorative term for every effort to intervene in the economy––all tantamount to heresy. Our current reality is capitalism is shredding the “social contract,” concentrating wealth at the top, neglecting infrastructure, shifting educational debt, engaging in unending war and gutting, medical care, income and retirement for everyone else. 

What propped up capitalism’s distorted vision was a semblance of people moving up (not true today) and wage expansion (nope). Let’s be clear, Capitalism and Democracy are at war, and Democracy is getting crushed. A key factor unaccounted for by capitalism is uncontrolled resource exploitation. And the one truth Robb can’t handle is tax credits will not change global warning, waves of mass migration and resource depletion—what Capitalism does is make sure those who can afford it will get the best and most of what is left until it’s gone. Capitalism needs to be reigned in. Consumption is not freedom, government that can’t be bought is freedom.


Gary Freitas