President Trump is coming to LD28 during a pandemic to hold a political rally. Please join us in urging Governor Ducey to request that this rally be postponed. 

The Democrats of District 28 Oppose President’s Arizona Rally During Global Pandemic

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, June 19, 2020

Phoenix--The Democrats of LD28 fully support the political process, including rallies for candidates, and we appreciate the political engagement of our LD28 young people, but we cannot endorse a violation of CDC, state, and city guidelines and mandates which put all of our friends and neighbors at higher risk for contracting COVID-19. Now is simply not the time for a political rally in LD28.

The Covid-19 virus is rapidly spreading across Arizona, and we are a global hotspot for transmissions. Arizona saw the highest number of reported cases four separate times during a 24-hour period this week, beginning June 15. Today’s number, 3,246, clearly indicates a transmission rate that is exponential and out of control. Yet, President Trump has chosen Tuesday, June 23rd and our community to hold a political rally for youth. Governor Doug Ducey will appear at the rally. We are all worried that this rally will put the health and safety of our LD28 community and all Arizonans at risk.

Chair Nancy Schriber stated, "We find it unconscionable that the President would endanger our youth and our community by unnecessarily exposing them to COVID-19 for what is clearly his own political purposes. Our community’s goal is to start schools and reopen businesses safely, and we are afraid this rally will make that harder." 

The decision to hold the rally without adequate safety measures is contrary to the express safety measures as requested by Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Governor Ducey.

Vice Chair Michael Slugocki stated, "This partisan political rally does nothing to support health and safety, which is what our community needs most right now. President Trump would serve Arizona better by enacting a national testing and contact tracing strategy and getting Arizona the medical support it needs.”

We call on Governor Ducey to request that President Trump's rally be postponed in light of the risk to the health and safety of our community. 



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