Our Mission and Values

Our Mission 

The D28 Democrats are a grassroots community organization that educates constituents, promotes civic engagement, registers voters, increases voter turnout, and works to elect candidates who share our values.

Our Values

  • A strong and diverse economy that prioritizes investment in infrastructure and job growth;
  • Equal access to quality public education, including pre-K through grade 12, career and technical education, community colleges and universities;
  • Resources and protections for vulnerable children and families;
  • Humane treatment of animals;
  • Free and fair elections;
  • Equality for all;
  • Access to quality, affordable health care for all Arizonans;
  • Protections for women's access to reproductive healthcare;
  • Equal pay for equal work, a livable minimum wage and fair employment practices;¬†
  • Protections for our land, air and water to ensure sustainability for future generations.