Our Candidates

Meet Our District 28 Legislative and Congressional Candidates!  

Legislative: Legislative candidates work at the state legislature which decides how much money goes towards education, universities, and small businesses. If you care about any of theses things you need to vote in the State Senate and State House races.

State Senate Candidate:

Christine Marsh, 2016 AZ Teacher of the Year

For information about Christine please visit: http://www.christineportermarsh.com

To make a donation, please visit: https://christineportermarsh.nationbuilder.com/contribute

State House Candidates:

Kelli Butler, State Representative and small business owner

For information about Kelli please visit: https://www.kellibutleraz.com

To make a donation, please visit: https://www.kellibutleraz.com/donate

Aaron Lieberman, entrepreneur and founder of Jump Start Learning 

For information about Aaron please visit: http://www.aaron4az.com

To make a donation, please visit: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/elect-aaron-lieberman-1#

Congressional: Congressional candidates go to Washington D.C. in the U.S. House making decisions regarding our health care, social security, and environment. LD28 has two congressional districts that split the district, CD6 to the North and East, and CD9 to the west and south.

Congressional District 6 Candidates:

Anita Malik

For information about Anita please visit: https://anitaforarizona.com

Congressional District 9 Candidate:

Greg Stanton, former Mayor of Phoenix

For information about Greg please visit: http://stantonforarizona.com

If you would like to get in touch with the campaign please email: info@stantonforarizona.com


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