Letter to the Editor: Save Our Schools referendum

LD28s own Pat Jayson got her letter published in the AZ Republic!  Thank you Pat-everyone needs to keep writing and putting the pressure on since the dark money machine is trying desperately to keep this from getting the vote Arizonans deserve.

“Kudos to the many volunteers who collected signatures of Arizona registered voters for the ‘Save Our Schools’ effort. Make no mistake, the bedrock of our American Democracy is free K - 12 public education equally available to all children.  Arizona voters know that they get what they pay for and have demonstrated time and again through their votes for increased sales taxes, budget overrides, and even the sham Prop 123 that they are willing to pay for quality education. Yet the Republican state legislature continues to underfund our schools and our teachers, bringing us to the low national rankings of 48th in student funding and 49th in teacher pay. 
The Republican’s universal voucher bill SB1431 is just the first step to the privatization of public education with taxpayer dollars. This will only result in furthering the disparity of educational opportunities for our children and the decline in our district public education system.”

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  • Karen Gresham
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