Letter: Salary for Paid Protestors

Nancy Miller responds to a recent letter to the editor published in the Arizona Republic regarding protesters: 

Dear Mr. Smith,
I've been protesting a lot this year - Women's March, McCain Mondays, Flake Fridays and AZ Legislature whenever. Sunday I had a minor heart attack so I need to pay a stand-in. No application I know of - just show up. There aren't any qualifications, except a genuine concern for others. Love, kindness, hope and honesty are helpful. You can use my homemade sign (Truth Matters) and I'll provide a water bottle and cookies (although Rep. Schweikert didn't like them). I can't really afford to pay you money from my Social Security, but you will meet lots of nice people and may be able to get a ride to the next event. I would be willing to pay you with a dinner - do you like chili? But protesting does pay great benefits - maintaining our democracy.

Nancy N Miller