Letter: Syms Makes Curious Claims About All-Day Kindergarten

One of my state representatives, Maria Syms, (AZcentral letter, 2/4/17) extolled the benefits of full-day kindergarten with a trip down memory lane reminiscing about Dick and Jane and offering kudos to our governor for his budget. I wonder when she made this discovery. 


We've known the benefits of early childhood education for decades and even had universal full-day kindergarten under Governor Janet Napolitano before Governor Brewer and the Republican Legislature (with support from Treasurer/Governor Ducey) killed it as part of their eight year decimation of public education in this state. After cutting or diverting billions of dollars from traditional public schools, Governor Ducey's budget offers crumbs and Representative Syms swoons. We had full-day kindergarten and a lot more back in 2008. Make Arizona Great Again!

Written by Andrew March