Executive Board

District 28 is led by our elected Executive Board members: 

Chair, Nancy Schriber

Nancy joined Dr. Eric Meyers' campaign and learned the value of phone banking and knocking on doors. In 2012, she became an appointed Precinct Committee Person in the Solcito precinct, where she keeps her neighbors up to date on political happenings. In 2014, she joined the LD28 Executive Board as Secretary and became the Chair in 2016.

First Vice Chair, Lucy Marshall

Lucy has been active the last few years running the summer internship program, canvassing, organizing other volunteers, and coordinating house parties for our LD candidates.

Secretary, Miryam Lerma

Miryam's been with LD28 since 2016. She's an education activist, volunteering with Save Our Schools AZ and AZED101, as well as an educator in the Washington School District and a PTO board member in the Madison School District. After he was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in August 2018, she registered to vote and became a PC. 

Treasurer, Tom Krepitch

As treasurer, Tom collects contributions from our generous donors, pays our bills, and prepares our financial compliance reports. He also organizes and hosts our book club. Tom also serves as our district's liaison to Humane Voters of Arizona. 

Vice Chair, Communications, Paulette Stevenson

Paulette likes long runs in the mountains and clear Twitter posts. She became active in our district helping Kelli, Aaron, and Christine on social media. As Vice Chair of Communications, Paulette works to make LD 28's information factual, accessible and helpful.

Vice Chair, PCs, Volunteers, and Neighborhood Teams, Lin Ogburn

Lin has been involved in LD28 since the 2016 election. As an LD28 Vice Chair in 2018, she restructured and expanded the Neighborhood Team model. In the 2018 election, she served as part of the House Party team, canvassed for our candidates, and recruited new PCs and volunteers.

Vice Chair Community and Latinx Outreach, Kirin Goff & Rosita Pinedo

Kirin is a progressive political lawyer and has been a PC and volunteer in LD28 for a few years. She is currently on the board as Co-Vice Chair of Community and Latinx Outreach, working to increase the level of engagement in the district from millennials and Latinx individuals, and to build relationships with other organizations.

Rosita has canvassed for LD28 since 2012. During the 2018 election cycle, she served as a PC, Neighborhood Team Leader, and participated in Latinx outreach. Rosita is looking forward to getting more Latinx and other underrepresented voters civically engaged.

Vice Chair, Development, Ted Hiserodt

Ted is an advocate for Public Education, speaker for AZed101, and has canvassed/volunteered for numerous LD, state, and national campaigns. He is a manufacturing business strategist and consults as a problem solver, now using those skills in LD28's fundraising efforts.


Vice Chairs, Event Planning, Karen Gresham & Marilyn Duerbeck

Karen is a third-generation AZ native and grew up in the heart of our district. She's been active in the community for many years, serving on PTO boards, advocating at the Capitol, and volunteering for several organizations including Planned Parenthood. She's been a PC and on the Executive Board of LD 28 since 2016, and was previously the Vice Chair for Social Media. 

Marilyn served as LD28 Secretary from 2017-2018. She’s been an active canvasser and member of the 2018 House Party team for our LD28 candidates. 


Vice Chair Voter Registration/Protection, Michael Slugocki

Vice Chair of Training and Data, Chris Fleischman (with Zuzu, the Office Dog!)


Sergeant-at-Arms, Chuck Howey