Executive Board

LD28 Democrats Leadership Team

2020-2022 Term




Chair:  Lucy Marshall

Responsible for agenda for monthly board and LD meetings.  Liaise with APD and ADLCC and specifically MCDP, attending monthly chair meetings.  Create and implement LD goals. Communicate information to leadership, PCs, and volunteers.


First Vice Chair:  Nancy Schriber

Facilitate redistricting transition.  Educate leadership as to possible outcomes and suggested adjustments for LD.  Assist with constituent services and outreach. Assist chair with regular duties and stand in for Chair as needed.


Secretary:  Miryam Lerma

Prepare, distribute and archive minutes for all District meetings.


Treasurer:  Tom Krepitch

Assist in the monthly collection of donations, deposit into the proper account, and manage expenditures.  Complete and file campaign finance reports to the AZ Secretary of State in an accurate and timely manner.  Prepare budgets.


Vice Chair, PC Management:  Mary Gaudio

Responsible for maintaining accurate contact lists of current elected PCs, including precinct and team affiliation.  Facilitate appointing PCs and communicate appropriate information about PC status, signature gathering, state and county meetings, and elections.  Assist with PC elections.


Vice Chair, Training: Rebel Rice

Create and implement (working with other organizations as appropriate) PC training, focusing on jobs during the entire election cycle.  Incorporate other volunteers into training, expanding volunteer and PC base.


Vice Chair, Fundraising:  Ted Hiserodt

Continue and expand monthly donors and donations. During this transition year, assist others with events.  Run Zoom for LD meetings.


Vice Chair, Voter Registration and Advocacy: Ken Love

Create opportunities for continued and regular voter registration and other voter engagement.


Vice Chair, Data and Field: Chris Fleischman

Responsible for keeping both VAN and Nationbuilder current, and assist others in understanding value and best practices for gathering, retaining and using data.  Produce reports as needed to facilitate data-driven decision-making.  Cut lists for canvassing during off-years.


Vice Chair, Community Services: Rosemary Irving

Actively seek out opportunities for connection and communication within our community including but not limited to neighborhood association meetings, blood drives, food banks, parades and other events.  Communicate with elected officials about attendance and support needed. Set up small monthly coffees for legislative updates during session.


Vice Chair, Outreach: Rosita Pinedo

Continue current work with Latino and Millennium constituencies, including working with partner groups and setting up small events. Expand to include other underrepresented constituencies such as the Black, LGBTQ, and GenZ communities.


Vice Chair, Communications:  Becky Smith Gross

Works to communicate actively and often to community through FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Assist with messaging for affiliated social media accounts including candidates and LD28 Interns. Send weekly newsletter of events and important information to mailing list. Maintain Nationbuilder website.



Co-Vice Chairs, Volunteer Recruitment: Terri Gallu and Sarah Liguori

Work with other vice chairs to follow up with outreach or constituent connection efforts.  Send information about LD and next event or meeting and encourage attendance.  Seek out opportunities for building community through an introduction to active individuals and/or small events for groups of new volunteers.