2021 Summer Internship

What are you doing to impact the future?


Apply for the 2021 Summer Internship Program with the  

Democrats of LD28

Deadline, May 15th.


Participating in the Internship Program with the Democrats of Legislative District 28 is a unique opportunity for you as a creative, hardworking, student leader to gain a hands-on, individually-tailored experience in Democratic politics. You will strengthen your understanding of policy issues and the political process, engage in community outreach projects, voter engagement, grassroots organizing, and prepare for future political opportunities. You will design and complete a capstone project of your choosing and will work alongside mentors and other volunteers. At the end of the program, you will have learned the basics of grassroots political organizing and will be eligible for a strong letter of recommendation for future jobs both within and outside of politics.


  • The art of persuasion, effective communication, and advocacy
  • Community organizing and activism
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Tailored writing (eg. texts, social media posts, postcards, news articles, letters-to-the-editor)
  • Visual communication (design, video, and photographic)
  • The workings of the state legislative process and best campaign practices
  • Policy issues
  • Collaborative teamwork


If you have previous experience, you may be eligible for a full-time summer fellowship position, or a position beginning immediately. Contact Internship Coordinator Jessica Barranco [email protected] for more information about these and other work opportunities. Deadline, May 15h.


Requirements:  This internship has 10 requirements, and is a 10-week, 10-hours-a-week commitment, but with flexible hours, days and weeks.  Planning a trip? Have a paying job? That’s okay! Complete the jobs and hours by the end of the summer for a successful Internship.


    • Familiarize yourself with our candidates and their ideas, Arizona politics, and the legislature 
      • Follow current events by reading candidate and LD materials
      • Pursue additional avenues of research such as local newspapers, social media posts, etc.
    • Voter Contact
      • Commit to contacting voters at least once a week by participating in phonebanks, textbanks, post card writing, and relational organizing tools
      • Assist if needed in the implementation of yard signs, road signs, etc.
      • Participate in no-contact literature drops or canvasses at targeted households 

Capstone Project

Select an area of interest for a final project.  Previous projects have included: published magazine articles, campaign videos, website creation, data analysis, graphic design, fundraising, policy research, and event planning



  1. Community Outreach & Recruitment 
    • Assist in volunteer recruitment efforts 
    • Reach out to the broader LD 28 community to expand our support
  2. Finance and Fundraising
    • Learn about the campaign finance process such as sourcing for donors, call time, finance tracking, etc.
    • Assist in fundraising calls or methods if needed
  3. Digital tools
    • Familiarize yourself with digital organizing tools
    • Familiarize yourself with platforms like Zoom, G Suite, online databases, etc.
  4. Events 
    • Assist in the planning and execution of events such as volunteer training, web meetings, virtual or in-person house parties, neighborhood gatherings, webinars, etc.
  5. Social Media
    1. Help amplify our message by sharing social media content and creating content if needed
    2. Assist in social media strategies and approaches 
  6.  Data
  7. Assist in tracking metrics and familiarize yourself with different databases
  8. Reporting 
    • Complete a weekly summary (google form) documenting what you accomplished, learned, and any questions for senior staff 


Paid for by the Democrats of District 28

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee