2021 Fall Internship

What are you doing to impact the future? 

Apply for the 2021 Fall Internship Program with the Democrats of LD28 

Participating in the Internship Program with the Democrats of Legislative District 28 is a unique opportunity for you as a creative, hardworking, student leader to gain hands-on experience in local Democratic politics and campaigns. You will strengthen your understanding of local policy issues, voter education and engagement, and effective campaign strategies. At the end of the program, you will be eligible for a letter of recommendation for future opportunities both within and outside of politics. 

Learn about:

●  The art of persuasion and effective communication

●  Community outreach/mobilization

●  Voter contact/education/engagement  

●  Candidate and issue advocacy

This a 12-week Project Based Program from September 25-December 17. 


1. Be Informed!

a. Familiarize yourself with our candidates and their positions. 

b. Follow current events by reading candidate and LD materials, local newspapers, social media posts, etc. 

c. Attend training sessions as needed

2.Voter Contact

a. Commit to contacting voters by participating in phone banks, text banks, post card writing, and relational organizing tools.

b. Participate in no-contact literature drops or canvasses at targeted households.

c. Commit to 8 hours/month of voter contact

3. Community Outreach & Recruitment 

a.Assist in volunteer recruitment efforts. 

b.Reach out to the broader LD 28 community to expand our support.

4. Fundraising 

Assist in donation gathering at campaign kick-off event.

5. Digital tools 

Familiarize yourself with digital organizing/data base tools: Minivan, VAN  ( Voter Action Network)

6. Events

 Assist in the planning and execution of campaign kick-off event

7.Social Media 

Help amplify our message by sharing social media content and creating content, if needed. 

8. Documenting Progress

Fill out weekly hour-tracking spreadsheet.

Contact Internship Coordinator Jessica Barranco [email protected] for more information and an application.


Paid for by the Democrats of District 28