E-Qual: Sign petitions and contribute to clean elections online

How to make a difference in LD28

Many Candidates in Arizona need petition signatures to qualify to be on the August 28, 2018 ballot and a minimum of 240 $5.00 Clean Elections Qualifying Contributions from any voter to qualify to receive Clean Elections Campaign funds.  This means they will not accept campaign contributions from corporations, Political Actions Committees (PACs), in other words, “DIRTY” money.

Here’s how we can help, if you haven’t already signed or given.

Step 1. Go to Secretary of States’ E-Qual website 


Interested in getting involved in the political process? With E-Qual, it's never been easier. It's simple to use, secure, and convenient.

Step 2. Two options will appear – “Sign A Candidate Nomination Petition” and “Contribute A $5 Qualifying Contribution.” 

Step 3. Sign A Candidate Nomination Petition.  You will need your driver’s license. Enter your information.  When their name appears,  click on one candidate’s name and sign petition. Go back to previous page to make a $5 Contribution.

Step 4. Give a $5 Qualifying Contribution - You will need your debit/credit card info. Enter information and a contribution will go to their campaign accounts via PayPal.

Then… attend a meeting or event (see events tab) where these candidates are featured, or simply there observing.  Get ready for August 28… they are!