ICE Set To Deport Undocumented Father Whose 5-Year-Old Son Is Battling Cancer

The agency chose not to grant the Arizonan another stay despite his child’s leukemia.

Shadow Rock Church is where we hold our monthly meetings.  This article is exactly why we take a collection every month-to support those who take sanctuary there.  Please consider donating next time!

From the article:

On Friday, Berrones took refuge at Shadow Rock United Church of Christ in Phoenix, which is a “sanctuary church,” according to Wilkes. The church is one of hundreds of congregations nationwide that have welcomed immigrants facing deportation to live in their church until they are no longer under threat. ICE has designated churches as “sensitive” places to avoid when carrying out arrests.  

“We’re just fulfilling our mission to provide a safe place for people, to keep families together,” Shadow Rock’s Rev. Ken Heintzelman told HuffPost on Friday, when asked about providing sanctuary for Berrones. “We think the immigration policy and its enforcement is unjust.” 

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